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About Me

William Gannon, the youngest to four older sisters and the son of William and MaryAnne Gannon, is a staple of Wallingford, CT. - a small-town guy with life stories that can impact all of us. He worked hard to try to achieve his goal of becoming a professional football quarterback, but an accident as a teenager derailed his dream.

William J Gannon and his family on a vacation It was that same accident that opened the door to his wife, Agnes, and him starting a family at a young age. The couple had three children, Billy Jr., Jeremy, and daughter, Casey, before they lost their fourth child, Danielle. The ensuing years proved to be just as difficult, as he lost his father, wife Agnes, and his mother.

"Billy championed my cause of feeling better at the worst time of my life, never once asking for anything in return." more

- Joseph R. Avitable
visiting professor, Quinnipiac University

William continues to battle any challenges that come his way and continues to be that pillar of strength for those around him.

Motivational Speaking

William's powerful and pivoting message has left many inspired. His 'never say die' attitude is apparent from the moment he begins speaking. Speaking to teams, schools and businesses and leaving them with a positive, inspired outlook.

Knowing his words hold meaning for a lot of people around him, William seeks to spread his encouragement across the nation and the world, in the hopes he can impart a positive attitude in others.

Book Me

Book Author

It was William's friend, Renee Morehouse, who convinced him to write about his life's challenges and after about two weeks he finally got to it. His hope is that his story can help people and change their attitudes to become more positive.

To Lose But Not Fail is a non-fiction book detailing the obstacles that William has overcome in his life.

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After delivering an emotional and powerful speech at his old high school that empowered the students to think positively and encouraged them to not give up no matter what the odds, William was brought on as an assistant football coach to keep his message in the minds of those students. It's been said.. "when one door closes, another one opens".

William giving the football players a pep talkWilliam found his ability to help people on and off the field to be a valuable asset. His talents have been utilized by local businesses, teams and entrepreneurs looking to gain an edge through positive attitude reinforcement.

William actively participates in drunk driving seminars at several local high schools, having experienced the consequences first-hand when he himself was a teenager.

Talk Show Host/Producer

William is also involved in producing for independent films, a local talk show "The Take" on (Wallingford Public Access) and script writing, having written for both movies and television.

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